Lithuanian American Community of MN

Welcome to the LACMN

THE PARENT ORGANIZATION - The Lithuanian American Community, Inc. (LAC) has 60 local chapters in 27 states and the District of Columbia. The Lithuanian-American Community of Minnesota (LACMN) is a chapter within the LAC and at the present time the LACMN has grown to over 200 members.

WHO WE ARE - The LACMN was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization and is open to anyone with an interest in learning about or fostering Lithuanian culture and its traditions. The LACMN has a mixture of Lithuanian immigrants, Americans of Lithuanian descent, spouses and friends of those with Lithuanian heritage and a few who simply have an interest in learning about other nationalities and their customs, traditions and foods.

WHAT WE DO - At the present time the LACMN participates in Minnesota's annual Festival of Nations event and also sponsors several of its own annual events such as Lithuanian Independence Day Celebration, Summer Fest, Fall Festival and Kucios (Christmas) Celebration. Members of the LACMN work with the Officers and Committees in planning and producing these events. Further general information can be obtained on each of these Annual Events as well as a flavor of each event in digital photos. Specific information on Upcoming Events is listed as it becomes available.

WHAT ELSE WE DO - The LACMN encourages activities that promote the Lithuanian culture which include Vejava (Lithuanian dance group), Martyno Mazvydo (Lithuanian language school), Ramove (Lithuanian Spirituality) and Sports Club (Lithuanian sports like basketball). We also collect other useful Lithuanian links and Lithuanian recipes

HOW MUCH ARE THE DUES - At the present time, members of the LACMN pay no dues; but there is a small fee associated with SOME sponsored event to cover the cost of food, hall rental, etc. LACMN is a nonprofit organization. Any additional donations above event fees are tax-deductible and gratefully accepted by the LACMN.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED - Contact the LACMN President (see below) to get further information or to get on the LACMN Membership mailing list.

CONTACT INFORMATION - : Živilė Norvilaitė-Petersen, LACMN President ……….email: